Wednesday Workshops

Our Preferred Dealers hold free classes on the 2nd Wednesday of every month starting at 6pm local time. These Wednesday Workshops cover everything RV related. From basics and maintenance, all the way to today’s most advanced RV electronics and mechanical systems, our Preferred Dealers provide these free classes so that you can become a smarter, more confident and happier RV Owner and have a greater knowledge of RVing in general. By attending our Wednesday Workshops, you will save money on repairs and maximize your enjoyment of RV ownership. You’ll also be connected with the best and most trusted RV Dealers in the country who want to earn your trust and future business.

Our Wednesday Workshops are fun to attend and are available to anyone no matter where you bought your RV. Haven’t bought an RV yet? No problem. You are welcome to attend as well!

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Wednesday Workshops


Because there are so many moving parts to your RV, we want you to understand all of them and how they work along with some important Do’s and Don’ts. We’ll do a quick review of the previous month’s class, then continue our coverage of RV Basics including what you must do to maintain your RV’s warranty, electrical systems, LP, black and grey water tank tips, how to make a warranty claim, what to expect in the way of service/repairs and more. As always, we’ll open up a Q&A and our Service Manager will be available to answer and address any questions or topics you have that are RV related. Remember, there are no stupid questions! We are here to help you become a smarter, more confident and happier camper!

DATE: June 12, 2019

TIME: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

What? Yes! With so many new RVers, there seem to be an increasing number of problems in Campgrounds. Many of those problems deal with Campground Etiquette and Campers behaving badly. Almost nobody thinks they are breaking with etiquette. Yet, seasoned RVers see a variety of behaviors that cause them everything from sleepless nights to a miserable camping trip. In this fun and important Class, we’ll discuss the proper code of conduct. The Do’s and Don’ts of behavior in a Campground. This month’s Class will feature funny but true stories that will leave you laughing and scratching your head. Far more than a Class for Mom & Dad to attend, children can learn a lot from attending. Attendees will learn more than proper conduct but also how to deal with campground slobs. As simple as the subject may sound, you’ll be amazed at some of the possible faux pas you may be making (and not even know it)!

DATE: July 10, 2019

TIME: 6:00pm – 8:00pm


If you’re a Dealer that’s interested in holding monthly RV Ed classes in conjunction with our RV Education Initiative, please email us at: