Wednesday Workshops

Our Preferred Dealers hold free classes on the 2nd Wednesday of every month starting at 6pm local time. These Wednesday Workshops cover everything RV related. From basics and maintenance, all the way to today’s most advanced RV electronics and mechanical systems, our Preferred Dealers provide these free classes so that you can become a smarter, more confident and happier RV Owner and have a greater knowledge of RVing in general. By attending our Wednesday Workshops, you will save money on repairs and maximize your enjoyment of RV ownership. You’ll also be connected with the best and most trusted RV Dealers in the country who want to earn your trust and future business.

Our Wednesday Workshops are fun to attend and are available to anyone no matter where you bought your RV. Haven’t bought an RV yet? No problem. You are welcome to attend as well!

Plus, we’ll have a terrific Door Prize of a Fire Disc Cooker that one of our Attendees is going to go home with! Note: One Fire Disc Cooker to be given away each month between all RV Station locations; not one per location.

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Wednesday Workshops

What you must know before you buy a New RV!

DATE: January 8, 2020
TIME: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Buying a new RV is exciting but it can also be a stressful time. So many different kinds of RVs, so many price ranges, so many options, so many choices, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the buying process; especially for First-Time RV Buyers and relative Newbies. It’s often said that “you should buy your last RV, first”. Why? Because most people learn so many things about their RV almost immediately; that they didn’t even think of when buying.

In this class, you will learn why an “entry level” RV may not be the choice for you. You’ll learn what to look for when looking at any RV. You’ll learn questions to ask the Dealer before you purchase. You’ll find out the most common mistakes RVers make when buying their new RV.

This class is not about sales. In fact, you cannot buy an RV in this class. The monthly classes are a public service for RVers and those interested in RVing no matter where you live and even if you plan on buying from another RV Dealer. Each RV Station location has been vetted and pledges to provide the best and most accurate information possible so that when you make your decision on the RV to buy, it’s the right RV for you.

The class is also open to any and all questions. If you are already an RV owner and you have questions about your RV, RV Station’s Certified Techs will help with any issues you may be experiencing.

If you are going to buy a new RV, this is a must-attend class. If you know someone who is thinking of buying a new RV, tell them to attend. They will thank you a thousand times over.

It will be an information-filled evening where you’ll leave as a smarter and more confident RV buyer.

I look forward to hearing from you after you attend this class. You’re going to love it!

Alan Warren, The RV Wingman



If you’re a Dealer that’s interested in holding monthly RV Ed classes in conjunction with our RV Education Initiative, please email us at: