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The RV Show USA for February 12, 2022

Buy This RV And You’ll Regret It!!

Think buying a used RV is a good idea right now? Think again. Rather than save you money, it could cost you big time. Listen in as The RV Wingman visits with RV industry legend Kevin Frazer of Cheyenne Camping Center.

The RV Show USA for October 15, 2021

Sell Your RV Faster! Buy Your RV Better!

Buying & Selling USED RVs is easy but it’s not as easy and hassle-free as some believe. In this video, RV Industry Veteran (Diana Leblanc-Link) President of PPL Motorhomes gives some valuable advice and insight to buying/selling used RVs; advice...

The RV Show USA for May 8 2021

Don’t BUY That RV!

Too many people are making serious mistakes when buying an RV; especially those who buy Used RVs. Thinking they’ll save money by “buying used” often times turns into an expensive RV nightmare. The Wingman’s guests will take on this subject in part 1...