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The RV Show USA for February 20, 2022

What’s The Fastest Way To REALLY Advance?

More advice and opinions from the RV Wingman…What’s the fastest way to advance at your job? That’s what one viewer asked the Wingman. His answer may surprise you. It even includes a bizarre story about a trip to Africa.

The RV Show USA for February 10, 2022

RV Prices Are Insane! Here’s Why!

It’s no secret that RV prices are insane. But why? And what can you do to get the best deal and avoid getting screwed? In this segment, the Wingman reveals more RV buying advice, tips and tricks you need to know before buying any RV.

The RV Show USA for February 9, 2022

RV’s & A$$holes

What do RV’s and a$$holes have in common? No, it’s not a joke. With even more RV advice, tips and tricks, Alan addresses another Tom Brady hater and explains what hating Tom Brady has to do with your RV!

The RV Show USA for January 30, 2022

Caller Says Tom Brady Failed & Alan Loses It!

In this RV Tricks Tips and Advice segment, Alan Warren, the RV Wingman, gets thrown off-topic when a listener from Texas named Ernest asks him what he thinks of Tom Brady “failing” to advance in the playoffs. After Alan’s reply...

The RV Show USA for January 29, 2022

Listener Gets More Than She Bargained For

In this clip from the RV Show USA, a listener named Julie from Chicago calls in to ask Alan Warren, the RV Wingman, for some advice. She probably got more than she bargained for. Here are just a few things he touches on… The one thing you...

The RV Show USA for September 24, 2021

Defining Moments- Is This LOVE Or HATE?

How can two people look at the same exact thing and see it so differently? In this video, The RV Wingman shares what he calls the greatest gift his Dad ever gave him; a gift his wife believes was cruel and hateful. In “Blake and the Mountain”, the...