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The RV Show USA for July 25, 2021

How LONG Do We Have To Wait!

Manufacturers are making RVs as fast as they can. Yet, they are still months behind in getting new orders out to customers. Steve Beyeler from the Rockwood/Flagstaff division of Forest River speaks with Dealers and Buyers every single day about this...

The RV Show USA for May 7 2021

Homework Doesn’t Have To SUCK!

Nearly every RV buyer will tell you they “did their homework” but for most, they learn they didn’t study enough before making their purchase decision. Steve Beyeler from Rockwood/Flagstaff tells the RV Wingman what kind of buyer he likes to see at...

The RV Show USA for April 24, 2021


Lying to the Dealer when buying an RV or when making a Warranty claim will not end up well if there ever is an issue. Rockwood’s Steve Beyeler and The RV Wingman talk about RV Warranties and the importance of honesty from both the consumer side and...

The RV Show USA for March 22, 2021

Which Is Better? Stick And Tin Or Laminated?

It’s been told that one of the first things the legendary coach Vince Lombardy told his football team was: “Gentlemen, this is a football”. In this short segment, the Wingman visits with Steve Beyeler about the very basics of RVs and RV construction...