The RV Show USA for November 26, 2021

Blame Work Campers For Higher Prices?

Are Work Campers partly to blame for higher campground fees? Here’s the Wingman’s take on the subject as he provides his perspective on Work Campers and how they’ve changed over the years. Are Work Campers too greedy? Are Campgrounds too stingy? Are...

The RV Show USA for November 12, 2021

STOP Stressing OUT!

RVing can be fun but it can also be extremely stressful! The Wingman’s guests share some of their secrets to Stressless Camping. Is there such a thing? These folks say “ABSOLUTELY!”

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The RV Show USA for October 22, 2021

Is The Future of RVing Really GRIM?

Many veteran RVers are predicting a grim future as far as Camping and RVing is concerned. And much is being discussed about the move large corporations are making in scooping up every medium (and larger) privately owned campground they can add to...

The RV Show USA for May 17 2021

Stressed Out Camping?

Is Camping and RVing supposed to be stressful? How do veteran RVers make Camping and RVing as stress-free as possible? Tony and Peggy Barthel along with Roger “Hurricane” Wilson tell the RV Wingman their keys to stressless camping. FYI, it wasn’t...