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The RV Show USA February 5, 2020

RV News (some of it crazy) on The RV Show USA The RV Wingman provides a couple of recent headlines in the way of RVs, RVers and news that RVers are interested in as well as his thoughts on changing your video diet (intake) of junk videos on YouTube...

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The RV Show USA January 22, 2020

RV Station Grand Opening Celebration! Cannon Combs with RV Station tells us about their upcoming grand opening in Donna, Texas (the epicenter for “Winter Texans” and those who want to escape cold weather). More than telling us about RV...

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The RV Show USA December 21, 2019

Are People Really Listening to You? Are You Really Listening To Them? The Wingman discusses the subject of being an effective communicator and how most people are oblivious to what may be going on inside another person’s head. Citing several...