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The RV Show USA for October 19, 2021

No More Bulky RV Owner’s Manuals!

Are printed Owner’s manuals for RVs becoming a thing of the past? It looks like they are. And if you have a smart phone… the answers to almost any RV issue…is right at your fingertips.

The RV Show USA for October 9, 2021

Sucking Up To Your Dealer!

While the RV Industry continues to celebrate record number of units being delivered for the past 10 consecutive months, the Wingman sees some storm clouds on the horizon for RV owners. He also has a possible solution to help you “get through the...

The RV Show USA for March 13, 2021

Wingman Goes On Offense

In this short “The More you know” Segment, the RV Wingman asks RV Industry Insider Anthony Yoder a direct question pertaining to rumors that today’s RVs are essentially junk. How does Yoder respond? And what are the takeaways for the RV Owner and...