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The RV Show USA for November 20, 2021

RV Odd Couple- Bitten Off Too Much?

In 3 years, John and Mercedes (aka: RV Odd Couple) have built a social media network and EMPIRE of rabid viewers and fans across the nation. With millions of YouTube views and an unstoppable desire to help people, the RV Odd Couple is now building a...

The RV Show USA for June 12, 2020

Divorce Papers to Be Filed

It was essentially over for this busy, working couple and divorce papers had been filed. But something happened. They set out to explore the country in an RV and the found the love they once had. In this Live Chat with The RV Wingman, John and...

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The RV Show USA January 16, 2020

Girl Camper Offers Sound Advice to Show Goers Girl Camper Founder, Janine Pettit delivers solid advice and tips for those who plan on attending an RV Show; especially for those who plan on buying a new RV. From what to do, to what not to do, when to...