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The RV Show USA for February 6, 2022

In’s & Out’s of RV Warranties with Ron Burdge

If you own an RV, or are thinking about purchasing an RV, you’ll love this episode where Alan picks the brain of Ron Burdge, an attorney who specializes in RV lemon law nationwide. How are RV warranties different than any other warranties? The...

The RV Show USA for January 11, 2022

Don’t Tell Your RV Dealer or Manufacturer

Better take these words seriously! This is just one of hundreds of videos from the RV Wingman; helping you make the best RV buying decision possible. Want to see more? Just hit the subscribe button and like this video to help us continue to grow! RV...

The RV Show USA for January 7, 2022

Do You Have A Lemon RV!!!!

Lemon RVs may be few and far between but according to many, there are more lemon RVs being made today than ever before. Here’s some excellent advice for ALL RV owners (just in case you do have a problem with your Dealer or Manufacturer). The...

RV Lemon Lawyer

RV Lemon Lawyer Ron Burdge Joins the Wingman

He’s the best-known RV Lemon Lawyer in the country and his specialty is RV lemon law. In fact, Ron Burdge and his law firm handle RV lemon law claims exclusively. Ron joins the Wingman and gives some meaningful advice for that will help all RVers...