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The RV Show USA for September 4, 2021

TAKEDOWN By RV Lemon Lawyer!

RV Manufacturers sometime brag about the size of their legal team (as if it were something to be proud of). But recently, a team of lawyers couldn’t hide the truth about a lemon RV from a jury in Indiana that ruled in favor of the Plaintiffs. RV...

The RV Show USA for August 28, 2021


Do RV Manufacturers ever LOSE in a lawsuit? This one did. And for good reason! In this interview, Ken and Linda Smith share the story of their dream RV; that ended in a major lawsuit and a victory against their manufacturer. Lots to glean from this...

The RV Show USA for August 13, 2021

Big Trouble For RV Buyers!

Lemon Lawyer Rick Dalton says this newly enacted law helps RV Dealers and could spell big trouble for RV buyers. Could this law become the norm across the Country?