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The RV Show USA for December 5, 2021

Winterizing And Trapped Moisture In Your RV!

What does Winterizing an RV actually mean? And what about moisture that gets trapped in your RV when it’s stored over the winter? Zach Rininger with Flagstaff/Rockwood shares his thoughts and opinions on the subject. What do you think?

The RV Show USA for November 28, 2021

Another “Subtle” RV Commercial? Please!

What happens when the best in the business (in any category) talks about themselves? The nay-sayers come out of the woodwork to criticize them. But what if they are telling the truth? In this short segment, RV Industry insider Zach Rininger gives...

The RV Show USA for November 14, 2021

What’s The Story On Crappy VS. Great Quality RVs?

If all RV Manufacturers use the same components to build their RVs, why are some RVs considered to be “crappy” while others are considered to be “well built”? And how is a buyer to be able to tell the difference in the two? Find out what RV industry...

The RV Show USA for October 30, 2021

Who Is NOT Cutting Corners?

Flagstaff/Rockwood’s Anthony Yoder discusses the dynamic “parts situation and shortages” in the RV Industry and how his company has decided to deal with them as well as their reluctance to jump on short term “opportunities” for quick profits.

The RV Show USA for April 30, 2021

What Do You Want In An RV? Do You Even Know?

It may be hard to believe but most first-time RV buyers don’t really know what they want in an RV. That’s why most newbies trade or sell their RV in the first couple of years. Andre Fisher of the Flagstaff/Rockwood division of Forest River shares...

The RV Show USA for March 27, 2021

Most RVer’s Don’t Have A Clue! Do you?

It’s hard for someone to admit they are clueless but for most newbie RVers (and many seasoned RVers as well) being clueless about your RV’s roof is common. All roofs do the same thing but that does not mean they are the same. Underneath the exterior...

The RV Show USA for July 6, 2020

Be the Coolest Camper in the Campground!

Technology has solved the problem of your RV’s A/C not being able to keep you cool on those hot summer days. In this interview, you’ll learn about a product that will allow an RVer to run BOTH A/C units off of 30amp power! This “install-it-yourself”...

Help There’s A Lien On It!

RV Nana joins The RV Wingman to discuss circumstances that can halt the sale of an RV if the seller has a lien holder and the buyer will have a lien holder. It can be a real problem. In this jam packed segment. PPL’s President discusses emerging...

Lights and Lipstick Part One

What is a leading cause of trading in an RV prematurely and losing a ton of money on the trade? In this short segment, you’ll learn how to avoid costly mistakes that seems to get the best of many RV buyers. Looking beneath the lights and lipstick...