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The RV Show USA for February 12, 2022

Is It All About the Money? Yep!

Is it all about the money? For too many people (including RV dealers) the answer is yes. In today’s RV advice, tips and tricks segment, Alan discusses dealers who will entice you with seemingly irresistible terms and then leave you buried. But...

The RV Show USA for November 1, 2021

Yes! Be A Little Paranoid!

The Wingman has some advice for today’s RV Buyers that some dealers and manufacturers may not agree with. Let us know what you think below.

The RV Show USA for October 17, 2021

Your Dealer May Hate YOU!

When buying that new RV, if the Dealer starts balking, you may want to consider walking. In this opinion piece, the Wingman gives his two-cents worth of advice of what to require of your dealer before leaving the dealership. Some dealers may hate...

The RV Show USA for October 9, 2021

Sucking Up To Your Dealer!

While the RV Industry continues to celebrate record number of units being delivered for the past 10 consecutive months, the Wingman sees some storm clouds on the horizon for RV owners. He also has a possible solution to help you “get through the...

The RV Show USA for August 13, 2021

Big Trouble For RV Buyers!

Lemon Lawyer Rick Dalton says this newly enacted law helps RV Dealers and could spell big trouble for RV buyers. Could this law become the norm across the Country?

The RV Show USA for May 30 2021

I’m Not Happy Until You’re UNHAPPY!

How does a man enter an RV dealership knowing precisely what he wants and ends up leaving with something totally different and tens of thousands of dollars over his budget? That’s what happened to our Caller of the Week who shares his nightmare of...

The RV Show USA for March 1, 2021

Some RV Dealers That Are All Talk But Little Service

A beautiful store front and brisk sales numbers are not necessarily good news for many campers. In this short interview, the RV Wingman asks an RV Industry insider specifically about those Dealers who sell hundreds of RVs a month but have very few...

The RV Show USA For 2 13 2021

Finding The RV Dealer Who’s Right For You!

Not all RV Dealers are the same. In this short segment, RV Industry insider Anthony Yoder gives his take on how to choose the RV Dealer that’s best for you. The RV Show USA is America’s #1 RV Lifestyle Radio Show airing coast to coast.

The RV Show USA for November 27, 2020

A Few Words About Internet Trolls And RV Know-It-Alls

We just can’t seem to get away from them’ people who complain about every aspect of RVs, RV Dealers and Manufacturers. No matter what someone posts online, no matter how happy they are, these negative trolls seem to be there to “set the record...