The RV Show USA for August 15, 2020

Do You Really Get What You Pay For?

Can RVs that look very similar vary in cost by $4,000-$6,000? Absolutely! Buy why? The answer is in things that you can’t readily see. And few buyers even consider them until it’s too late. From suspensions to flooring, to numerous other...

The RV Show USA for August 9, 2020

Gentlemen, This Is A Football!

When legendary football coach Vince Lombardi began his dynasty, he started with the basics. He told his team “Gentlemen, this is a Football!” Sounds silly, right? But Lombardi built a string of winning seasons and legendary players around the...

The RV Show USA for July 18, 2020

So “THAT’s How They Do It!”

The Wingman garnered some interview time with the Lead Design Engineer from the Rockwood/Flagstaff division of Forest River to discuss how they go about implementing new designs into their RVs. Kenny Miller shares the “how” changes in RVs take place...

The RV Show USA for July 15, 2020

The RV Show USA for July 15, 2020

This week’s live stream with the RV Wingman- Record breaking heat! Another stupid law-breaker, a visit with a lead-design engineer with Rockwood/Flagstaff, learning from mistakes and YouTubers with Changing Lanes (Chad and Tara) celebrate 100,000...

The RV Show USA for July 11, 2020

Just Say NO To Your RV Dealer!

One of the most common complaints the Wingman hears from consumers is one that could’ve been avoided entirely. In this Ask the Manufacturer Segment, Flagstaff/Rockwood Customer Service representative Melissa Hoover give her advice to consumers...