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The RV Show USA for April 19, 2021


What happens when a retired couple pursues their dreams and buys an RV at Camping World (but is then involved in an accident)? Listen how “Ernest” says he and his wife were treated by the man who says “If you’re not happy, I’m not happy”.

The RV Show USA for November 14, 2020

Widow Claims Camping World Took Her To The Cleaners!

Our voicemail lights up every time the subject of Camping World comes up. Most of the calls are from people who are not very happy; some are downright sad to listen to. In this short segment, you’ll hear one such call. Is this right? Is this fair...

The RV Show USA for September 25, 2020

RVer Says “It’s Not My Fault!

Take a quick tour of most any social media group of RVers and it won’t take long to come across an angry RVer who blames problems with their RV on the dealer or manufacturer. And rarely (if ever) do we read posts from those that say their RV issue...

The RV Show USA for July 31, 2020

Another Call About Camping World (From A Covid Nurse)

The number of newbies to RVing is staggering and dealers have never been busier. This is good news for sales. But is it good news for buyers? According to the Wingman, it might be. But it can also prove to be a time when these newbies make decisions...

RV Show USA for July 3, 2020

Has Camping World Kept Their Promises To Consumers?

In this opening segment of The RV Show USA, you’ll hear from actual RVers who’re beyond disappointed in the treatment they’ve received from Camping World. These are real customers with real stories and should be considered when deciding what Dealer...

Tough Times Across America Bringing Families Together

Facing Lockdowns, Layoffs and times of uncertainty there is still lemonade to be made even with the smallest of lemons. Families across the Great Land Of America are becoming closer together and spending quality time together. If there is one person...

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The RV Show USA February 19, 2020

Have you ever heard of the telephone game, you know the one where to tell one person a quick line or two and they repeat to the next, and by the end of the came the message is completely turned around from what it originally was? In this weeks...