The RV Show USA for November 26, 2021

Blame Work Campers For Higher Prices?

Are Work Campers partly to blame for higher campground fees? Here’s the Wingman’s take on the subject as he provides his perspective on Work Campers and how they’ve changed over the years. Are Work Campers too greedy? Are Campgrounds too stingy? Are...

The RV Show USA for October 22, 2021

Is The Future of RVing Really GRIM?

Many veteran RVers are predicting a grim future as far as Camping and RVing is concerned. And much is being discussed about the move large corporations are making in scooping up every medium (and larger) privately owned campground they can add to...

Be a better camper for June 1 2021


If you think Campgrounds have too many rules, the Warren’s believe that more rules are coming. They talk about rules in this video and share a couple of recent campground experiences that may leave you laughing or shaking your head in...

The RV Show USA for May 22 2021


It sounds like something out of the TV Show CSI. Yes. Some Campgrounds are requiring dog owners to take DNA samples in order to stay there! The CEO of Bio-Pet Laboratories tells the Wingman how his company is helping solve the problem of...

Be a Better Camper for May 18 2021


The Warren’s respond to several questions posed by viewers including “Let her talk!” If you have a question or a suggestion for Be A Better Camper, please post it!

Be a better camper for May 11 2021

Watch Daddy PI$$ On It!

Who in their right mind would think it’s ok to teach their child that urinating on the neighbor’s camper is acceptable behavior? We wonder the same thing! What would YOU do if you witnessed this behavior in a Campground? Ignore it? Report it...

Be a better camper for May 4 2021

Screw The Other Campers!

Too many Campers care only about themselves. Screw everyone else. In this video, Campground Owners Alan and Lisa Warren share another example of recent campground behavior that will leave you shaking your head. What kind of person (Camper) thinks...

The RV Show USA for August 14, 2020

Does This Colorado Campground Deserve These Attacks?

A recent video went viral describing how a couple was kicked out of a Colorado Campground for breaking a park rule. The rule? Receiving a package in the campground. I know. Silly rule. But Campground rules are made up by the Campground. According to...