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The RV Show USA for February 7, 2021

How To Tell Which RV Is Better For YOU!

What does “aluminum-frame construction” mean when talking about new RVs? Do you know it REALLY means? Or is it a broad statement that can have multiple interpretations? Lots of great info from The RV Wingman in this short educational monologue to...

The RV Show USA for December 4, 2020

RV Rentals- A Foolish Waste Of Money?

Many Newbies are dropping $100,000 and more on their first RV. Why! The Wingman has some perspective and advice for a caller who is facing a buying dilemma. This advice could prevent you from making a major mistake. Just sayin’! Would love to HEAR...

The RV Show USA for July 27, 2020

Is This Guy Doomed As An RV Buyer?

In this short clip (taken from the Wingman’s live stream), you’ll hear how a first-time RV buyer and military veteran is approaching buying his RV to live in full-time. He has his standards and to him, they seem very reasonable and logical. The...

The RV Show USA for July 24, 2020

The RV Wingman Asks “What The Hell?”

The emails pour into the RV Wingman’s inbox every week. Many of them are complaints from angry RVers and justifiably so. Others leave him scratching his head and wondering “what in the world”? That’s the situation he talks about in this opening...

The RV Show USA for July 17, 2020

The Wingman Is Worried About This Military Vet

The RV Wingman receives emails and voice messages on a regular basis and does his best to get back to everyone. So many people need some advice. So many people are concerned. What’s the right thing to do? In this short segment, the Wingman reads a...