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The RV Show USA for February 22, 2022

Is Now The Time To Get An RV?

RV enthusiasts are still flocking to the lifestyle but is now a good time to get in or is it time to sit on the sidelines and ride this one out? The RV Wingman gives a viewer his thoughts on the subject.

The RV Show USA for February 12, 2022

Is It All About the Money? Yep!

Is it all about the money? For too many people (including RV dealers) the answer is yes. In today’s RV advice, tips and tricks segment, Alan discusses dealers who will entice you with seemingly irresistible terms and then leave you buried. But...

The RV Show USA for February 12, 2022

Buy This RV And You’ll Regret It!!

Think buying a used RV is a good idea right now? Think again. Rather than save you money, it could cost you big time. Listen in as The RV Wingman visits with RV industry legend Kevin Frazer of Cheyenne Camping Center.

The RV Show USA for February 10, 2022

RV Prices Are Insane! Here’s Why!

It’s no secret that RV prices are insane. But why? And what can you do to get the best deal and avoid getting screwed? In this segment, the Wingman reveals more RV buying advice, tips and tricks you need to know before buying any RV.

The RV Show USA for January 29, 2022

Listener Gets More Than She Bargained For

In this clip from the RV Show USA, a listener named Julie from Chicago calls in to ask Alan Warren, the RV Wingman, for some advice. She probably got more than she bargained for. Here are just a few things he touches on… The one thing you...

The RV Show USA for January 26, 2022


RV Buying Tips and Tricks you must know before buying any RV. Avoid RV buyer remorse and you’ll become a Happy Camper with RV buying advice from Cannon Combs, long time veteran of the RV Industry and RV Station owner. To learn more about RV...

The RV Show USA for January 19, 2022


Useful RV Buying Tips and Tricks can help prevent RV buyer remorse. Doing your RV homework before attending popular RV shows can also prevent RV buying regrets. In this video you’ll hear RV buying advice from RV industry expert Cannon Combs...

The RV Show USA for November 1, 2021

Yes! Be A Little Paranoid!

The Wingman has some advice for today’s RV Buyers that some dealers and manufacturers may not agree with. Let us know what you think below.

The RV Show USA for October 17, 2021

Your Dealer May Hate YOU!

When buying that new RV, if the Dealer starts balking, you may want to consider walking. In this opinion piece, the Wingman gives his two-cents worth of advice of what to require of your dealer before leaving the dealership. Some dealers may hate...

The RV Show USA for October 15, 2021

Sell Your RV Faster! Buy Your RV Better!

Buying & Selling USED RVs is easy but it’s not as easy and hassle-free as some believe. In this video, RV Industry Veteran (Diana Leblanc-Link) President of PPL Motorhomes gives some valuable advice and insight to buying/selling used RVs; advice...