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The RV Show USA for September 14, 2021

Bad Parenting In Campgrounds!

Just when I thought I’d seen it all! What would YOU have done if you were in my shoes? And who do you think is at fault here? We welcome your comments! You can even leave a voicemail 24/7 at 1-210-342-6520 that we may play on the air.

The RV Show USA for August 3, 2021

Chill Out DUDE!

If you think it’s time for the Wingman to chill, you may (or may not) like this short video message.

The RV Show USA for July 20, 2021

You Did It. Now OWN It!

Keeping his word, the Wingman reads his text correspondence with the “holey picnic table” people and discusses the importance of taking ownership and taking the High Road (not the easy road) when it’s decision time. #BeABetterCamper...

Be a better camper for June 1 2021


If you think Campgrounds have too many rules, the Warren’s believe that more rules are coming. They talk about rules in this video and share a couple of recent campground experiences that may leave you laughing or shaking your head in...

Be a Better Camper for May 18 2021


The Warren’s respond to several questions posed by viewers including “Let her talk!” If you have a question or a suggestion for Be A Better Camper, please post it!

Be a better camper for May 11 2021

Watch Daddy PI$$ On It!

Who in their right mind would think it’s ok to teach their child that urinating on the neighbor’s camper is acceptable behavior? We wonder the same thing! What would YOU do if you witnessed this behavior in a Campground? Ignore it? Report it...

Be a better camper for May 4 2021

Screw The Other Campers!

Too many Campers care only about themselves. Screw everyone else. In this video, Campground Owners Alan and Lisa Warren share another example of recent campground behavior that will leave you shaking your head. What kind of person (Camper) thinks...

Be A Better Camper April 26, 2021


Be a Better Camper (Episode 2103). Disgusting Camper thinks they still deserve a job after doing (or rather, not doing) what!!!??? In this video, Campground Owner Alan Warren shares one of the most frustrating and disappointing experiences...