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The RV Show USA for August 30, 2021

Getting Dinged By RV Dealers!

Buying an RV is large financial investment. Yet too many people find out that once they’ve purchased their RV, they now have to purchase items they didn’t even think of. In this segment, Andre Fisher from Rockwood/Flagstaff gives us some things to...

The RV Show USA for August 9, 2021

What You Must Do On Your RV Walk Thru!

How important is the final walk through to you being and remaining a Happy Camper? And what are some of the things you can do in that walk through? Andre Fisher from the Rockwood/Flagstaff plant in Indiana shares what you should do BEFORE ever...

The RV Show USA for May 21 2021

The 3 Little Pigs, Oreo’s And RV Walls?

The RV Wingman discusses some of the differences in construction methods on RVs with Flagstaff/Rockwood’s Andre Fisher in this “The More You Know” segment. And yes, he does mention the pigs and Oreo’s.

The RV Show USA for April 16, 2021


There’s a reason why inexpensive (cheap) RVs are cheap. But do you know why? Do you understand why similar looking RVs may be thousands of dollars different in price? The RV Wingman asks RV Industry insider Andre Fisher this very question and many...

The RV Show USA for October 25, 2020

The Unveiling Of A New RV Floorplan (Prototype RV)

RV manufacturers are continually looking for ways to maximize every square foot of space in the RVs they produce while filling the needs of a varying demo of people who RV. In this short segment, Andre Fisher from Rockwood/Flagstaff will discuss the...