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The RV Show USA for February 23, 2022

Does The RV Wingman Need Therapy?

Alan’s at it again with more RV advice, tips and tricks. Does the RV Wingman need therapy? Do you? Wait till you hear his definition of “therapy”! Plus viewer comments, dead people voting, red tape and who know what else. After...

The RV Show USA for February 22, 2022

Is Now The Time To Get An RV?

RV enthusiasts are still flocking to the lifestyle but is now a good time to get in or is it time to sit on the sidelines and ride this one out? The RV Wingman gives a viewer his thoughts on the subject.

The RV Show USA for February 21, 2022

Red Tape’s A BAD Sign

Getting caught in red tape? Getting searched for weapons and explosives? Just another day in the life of the RV Wingman! Watch as Alan shares his painful experience of trying to open a bank account, a bizarre trip to the IRS and what all this has to...

The RV Show USA for February 16, 2022

RV’s Cost HOW MUCH?!

Alan responds to viewer feedback, reacts to the Super Bowl, describes his visit to the Houston boat show and more. As always, Alan holds nothing back when “offering” his opinions!

The Ugly Truth About RV’s

They say the truth hurts. They’re not kidding, especially when it comes to RV’ing. Alan pops the bubble of a wannabe-RV’er. Not pretty, but it contains some pretty solid RV advice, tips and tricks for any RV’er, or wannabe!

The RV Show USA for February 10, 2022

RV Prices Are Insane! Here’s Why!

It’s no secret that RV prices are insane. But why? And what can you do to get the best deal and avoid getting screwed? In this segment, the Wingman reveals more RV buying advice, tips and tricks you need to know before buying any RV.

The RV Show USA for February 9, 2022

RV’s & A$$holes

What do RV’s and a$$holes have in common? No, it’s not a joke. With even more RV advice, tips and tricks, Alan addresses another Tom Brady hater and explains what hating Tom Brady has to do with your RV!