The RV Show USA

The RV Show USA is the country’s only syndicated radio and social media show hosted by Alan Warren, the RV Wingman. Distributed on the Salem Radio Network and across multiple streaming platforms, the weekly, one-hour show focuses on the RV lifestyle, the millions of people who already own an RV, and the millions more who are interested in becoming an RVer. A video version of the Show is distributed on YouTube.

Alan Warren the RV Wingman

Alan Warren, Show Host

Alan Warren aka: the RV Wingman is a former campground Owner, lifelong RVing, camping and outdoor enthusiast with 40 years of experience creating, producing, hosting and syndicating TV and Radio programming and developing affinity relationships. As the name “RV Wingman” implies, Warren is also an advocate for RV Buyers and Owners who works as a liaison between Consumers and RV Dealers/Manufacturers; educating Consumers and encouraging Dealers/Manufacturers to improve their quality and maximize the overall RV Owner experience.

America’s #1 RV Lifestyle Radio Show