RVing In Texas May 5-6, 2018

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Audie Murphy was America’s original Rambo. The most decorated soldier in World War II, Murphy is brought back to life by character actor Duffy Hudson who’ll share stories told as Murphy himself. Hudson will be performing a one-man show on May 12 in Greenville, Texas for the celebration of Audie Murphy Day. History buffs have long known about this incredible soldier. With Hudson’s powerful performance, even young people are learning of the hero’s that sacrifice so much for our way of life.

The show travels to the small town of Hico Texas, home of the Texas Steak Cookoff; a one-day event that’s filled with the wafting smell of hundreds of grilling ribeyes, where visitors can taste Texas wines while learning about one of Texas’ most charming small towns.

Alan Warren, The RV Guy

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