We Recommend – Chris & G’s Travels


Some people have just “got it”. It’s that “something” that attracts others to them. Lots of others. Like  80,000+ of them! So Chris and “Baby G” have definitely got it!

Chris and G are among the most popular RVers on the Internet and they share their adventures with others as Die Hard, full-time RV Enthusiasts.

Chris, G and their Alaskan Husky “Kobuk” travel the country in their Motor Home (along with Chris’s VERY COOL DRONE) and they document their adventures; the ups and downs, the nuances of those incredible out-of-the-way places where they Boondock and “escape” along with great, easy-to-make recipes and lots more.

A young couple that is living their dream, Chris and G enjoy sharing that dream with others for the world to see.

They also make some really great videos. We’re proud to have Chris and G as regular guests on The RV Show and look forward to regular updates from wherever their travels take them!