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The RV Show USA for October 30, 2021

Who Is NOT Cutting Corners?

Flagstaff/Rockwood’s Anthony Yoder discusses the dynamic “parts situation and shortages” in the RV Industry and how his company has decided to deal with them as well as their reluctance to jump on short term “opportunities” for quick profits.

The RV Show USA for October 22, 2021

Is The Future of RVing Really GRIM?

Many veteran RVers are predicting a grim future as far as Camping and RVing is concerned. And much is being discussed about the move large corporations are making in scooping up every medium (and larger) privately owned campground they can add to...

The RV Show USA for October 17, 2021

Your Dealer May Hate YOU!

When buying that new RV, if the Dealer starts balking, you may want to consider walking. In this opinion piece, the Wingman gives his two-cents worth of advice of what to require of your dealer before leaving the dealership. Some dealers may hate...