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The RV Show USA for July 3, 2021

Will FAME Change These RVers?

YouTube Description- Phil and Stacy Farley (You, Me & The RV) have shot to the top of YouTube Influencers in the RV “space”. Friendly, genuine and approachable but will having a role in a new movie called “RVing in the USA” change them?

The RV Show USA for July 3, 2021


Are we really addicted to HATE on social media? According to many, the answer is yes. The RV Wingman tries to unpack and explain this “human condition” and shares some thoughts to help curb-the-hate instead of fueling it.

The RV Show USA for July 2, 2021

Who’s The Next To Die In A Campground?

Holidays and Campgrounds go together like peanut butter and jelly. But add in alcohol and a few bad decisions and it could spell death. The Wingman visits with Diana LeBlanc-Link from PPL Motorhomes about campground safety and ways to avoid becoming...

The RV Show USA for June 29, 2021

Putting Slob Campers ON NOTICE!

Be A Better Camper (Episode 2110). The RV Wingman has a message for Slob Campers and he is putting them on Notice. #BeABetterCamper #TakingOurCampgroundsBack We’ll be sending a Be a Better Camper rock to someone who posts a comment or leaves a...

The RV Show USA for June 28, 2021

How Long Will The DEMAND For RVs CONTINUE?

The More You Know segments are designed to provide helpful educational info on how RVs are made as well as how the RV Industry operates and is supported by the Flagstaff/Rockwood division of Forest River who believes that “Smarter RVers make for...

Drinking The “EV” Kool-Aid!

RVers, the RV Industry and Automotive manufacturers are buzzing about electric vehicles; even electric RVs. Are we “ready” for this new technology? Will it be a substitute for petroleum powered vehicles? Can RVers ever expect to “boondock”...