We Recommend – Long Long Honeymoon

Who would spend their honeymoon in a 25 foot Airstream? Sean and Kristy Michael would and did! And they’ve been RVing ever since.

Racking up more than 100,000 miles and venturing to 49 States, Sean and Kristy have more than just an informative website and entertaining YouTube Channel.

Sean is an accomplished filmmaker and writer. He takes his knowledge of writing and film, adds in his lovely bride Kristy and their mutual love of RVing; and presents for RVing videos that are just plain fun to watch.

Their chemistry, their sense of humor, their ability to show both the good (and sometimes not so good) side of RVing makes LongLongHoneymoon one of our favorites.

And we look forward to hearing of Sean and Kristy’s adventures on a regular basis on The RV Show!

Let us know what you think; call and leave a voicemail 24/7 to 1-330-Wingman. We may play part of your phone call on the show. If so, you could win a prize.

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