Surprise Guest Returns to Show!

Surprise Guest Returns to Show! She was a regular every week on The RV Show USA for almost 2 years and then poof. Gone. But the Graphics Girl made a surprise in-studio visit with the RV Wingman. Together, they intro this week’s live stream and talk about everything from weddings to idiot campers. And the Wingman even brags about the best BBQ he’s had in a long, long time in this quick segment that leads off this week’s live stream of the Country’s most listened to and talked about Show on radio and social media about the RV lifestyle. If you have a suggestions for a guest you’d like to see on The RV Show USA or a topic you’d like to hear discussed, leave a message on our 24 hour voicemail. You could hear yourself on an upcoming show and we may even send you a prize. Our 24 hour voicemail is 1-330-Wingman (1-330-946-4626).