Flagstaff Rolls Out A Great Looking New 5th Wheel

Those interested in 5th wheels have a new must-see unit to check out where you’ll be the center of attention in the campground with the Flagstaff 529RLKS. This 36 foot 5th wheel has all the conveniences you would ever want and the quality that says “Flagstaff” all the way. In this short segment (part 1 of 2 or 3?), Andre Fisher gives the Wingman a tour of the exterior and leaves us hanging on what may be inside. We’d love to HEAR what you think on our 24-hour voicemail. We may even play part of your call on the show. Leave your voicemail at 1-330-Wingman (that’s 1-330-946-4626). To listen to the commercial free podcast of The RV Show USA syndicated radio show, click here: https://TheRVShowUSA.libsyn.com

Let us know what you think; call and leave a voicemail 24/7 to 1-330-Wingman. We may play part of your phone call on the show. If so, you could win a prize.

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