Get to the Fun of RVing Faster with David Crossett from RV Masters

David Crossett is the creator of a one-of-a-kind series of online classes that are designed to help RVers “get to the fun faster” with RV Masters. This course is designed for every kind of RVer and is done in bite-size lessons that can be taken at your own pace. Crossett opens up about the reason he created the courses. (Hint: he made an impulsive decision to buy an RV without any knowledge of how an RV even works)! Determined to educate others, Crossett’s courses will make you a smarter RVer and a happy camper. Let us know what you think; call and leave a voicemail 24/7 at 1-330-Wingman. We may play your call on the air. If we do, you could win a prize.

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