Forest River makes big strides with Owner’s Manuals

Forest River makes big strides with Owner’s Manuals Flagstaff/Rockwood Territory Manager Anthony Yoder shares how Forest River has made huge strides for its owners in the way of Owner’s Manuals and getting information to their Owners that is specific to the make and model of each RV they manufacture. Anthony explains why it’s important for consumers to take the time to ask the proper questions BEFORE making a purchase of any RV. Specifically, he says that many of the quality components and construction techniques that his plant utilizes on every RV manufactured are not apparent to the naked eye. Yet these quality materials and techniques can add many years of solid use from its owners in this Ask the Manufacturer #2018. If you a question you’d like to ask the Manufacturer or a topic you’d like to hear discussed, leave a message on our 24 hour voicemail. You could hear yourself on an upcoming show and we may even send you a prize. Our 24 hour voicemail is 1-330-Wingman (1-330-946-4626). #TheRVShowUSA #RVWingman #RVOwnersManual