Advertising & Host Endorsement


The RV Show USA is the most listened to Radio & Social Media Show in the country about the RV Lifestyle and our community of enthusiastic listeners is growing daily! Through syndication via Salem Radio Network and across dozens of Social Media Group pages comprised of hundreds of thousands of RV enthusiasts, we reach an affluent group of 35+ “young” RVers who share their passion for RVing. The Radio Show  is distributed nationally for airing on terrestrial Radio Stations on Saturdays and Sundays via Salem Radio Network.

In addition to the Radio version of the Show, The RV Wingman live streams on Wednesdays starting at 7pm CT simultaneously on YouTube and on more than 40 State Specific RVing Groups on Facebook providing a knock out punch for show guests, advertisers and sponsors.

The RV Show USA Podcasts- We produce 2 Podcasts weekly; one of the Radio program and one of the live stream broadcast. For fans of The RV Show USA, these Podcasts have become a favorite, allowing listeners to catch each version of the program on their own schedule.

National Advertising-

We take much of the mystery and guesswork out of advertising by providing National Advertisers with actual deliverables and are able to customize National Sponsor messages inside the body of The RV Show USA with special billboards, possible logo placement in studio, engaging contests, incentives, endorsements, show appearances, promotional appearances, speaking engagements and more to our passionate and enthusiastic listeners and fans.

We’re also able to create effective, unique Sponsor packages of The RV Show USA Podcasts that will connect RV Industry manufacturers and others with die-hard RV/Camping enthusiasts across the largest collection of State-specific Closed Group Pages of RV Owners and Enthusiasts on Facebook and YouTube.

Our audience is more engaged and affluent than the average American household. They live an active lifestyle and they support those companies that support their passion. Here are some current facts:

  • More Americans 35-54 own RVs (8.9%) than at any other time in history!
  • The popularity of RVing continues to increase as families look for affordable travel opportunities
  • RV Vacations continue to cost significantly less than other types of vacations (23-59% less expensive)!
  • Future growth projections for the RV Industry remain positive as does the interest in RVing from those 35+ who are interested in the camping/RVing lifestyle.
  • Recent events happening in the news regarding the global health pandemic have caused millions of Americans to modify their vacation plans. Instead of cruises and crowded theme parks, many are transitioning to the RV lifestyle.

Local Advertising-

Along with our Station Affiliates, we can partner with local advertisers and leverage local advertising dollars with a personal endorsement by Alan Warren, The RV Wingman for commercials inside (and outside) of The RV Show USA along with social media with Exclusive Sponsor Category positioning in your market and/or region.

Excellent LOCAL Sponsor Categories include:

  • RV Dealers/Repair Centers
  • RV Inspectors
  • RV Service and Accessory Dealers
  • RV Parks/Resorts
  • Car & Truck Dealers
  • Golf Cart Dealers
  • ATV/UTV Dealers
  • Sporting Goods Dealers
  • Tire Stores
  • Insurance Agents
  • Senior Living Communities

Host Endorsement Package

The RV Show USA is very selective about the companies we endorse. Our Host Alan Warren (aka: The RV Wingman) is extremely careful to represent only the best of the best when it comes to RV Dealers, manufacturers and those associated with the RV Industry.

We are currently interviewing RV Dealers, Service Centers and others in markets across the country who want to connect with our large and growing, loyal audience of RV enthusiasts by way of holding monthly “Camper Classes” at Dealer locations.

Our audience is far broader than simply radio listeners. The combination of Social Media and the subsequent national distribution via Westwood One, The RV Show USA offers uniquely powerful opportunities for advertisers to connect with RVers nationwide.

Our Host Endorsement Package provides powerful and affordable opportunities for Sponsors to separate from the competition with a combination of grassroots Social Media along with Traditional Media and Audio/Video production services with a well-known Talent to leverage every marketing dollar in the most efficient way possible.

To learn more about the benefits of a Host Endorsement Package with Alan Warren and how it will help your business, email Chris Conrad at