The RV Show USA for June 26, 2020

A Designated Driver Needed to Buy an RV?

In this opening segment of The RV Show USA, the Wingman provides some ideas worth considering if you are going to buy a new RV. Do you really need a designated “driver”? Well, not exactly but you could benefit from the suggestions made in this quick...

RV Lemon Lawyer

RV Lemon Lawyer Ron Burdge Joins the Wingman

He’s the best-known RV Lemon Lawyer in the country and his specialty is RV lemon law. In fact, Ron Burdge and his law firm handle RV lemon law claims exclusively. Ron joins the Wingman and gives some meaningful advice for that will help all RVers...

The RV Show USA for June 13, 2020

The RV Wingman With a Quote From the President!

Live from the Rose Garden at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the President made a comment about “Trailers”, then corrected himself to say “RVs”. Did he really say he might get one for he and the First Lady? Also, other RV News (not good for those in...

The RV Show USA for June 12, 2020

Divorce Papers to Be Filed

It was essentially over for this busy, working couple and divorce papers had been filed. But something happened. They set out to explore the country in an RV and the found the love they once had. In this Live Chat with The RV Wingman, John and...

The RV Show USA for June 9, 2020

Face Masks Not Allowed at This Campground!

The RV Wingman is all over the map in this segment including some recent RV News of a no-longer “Homeless person” (at least for now), a Campground where you do not want to wear a Facemask to check in, a cluster of voicemails and advice for the soon...