Wingman Wisdom for September 4, 2022

Lawyering up! How and when to do it!

While not an attorney, the RV Wingman has lots of experience with people who’ve dealt with attorneys to resolve their RV issues with an RV Dealer or Manufacturer. In this video, he’ll share some Wingman Wisdom for those tempted to take...

Wingman Wisdom for August 30, 2022

RVers in a financial grave!

From the growing number of used RVs hitting the market and the prices the owners are asking, it looks as if many are realizing they’ve been put into a financial hole that may be hard to get out of. The Wingman gives Cheyenne’s Kevin...

Wingman Wisdom for August 28, 2022

Young people living in fear!

Why do so many young people live in fear? Plus, none of us believe we are idiots or that we’re obvious to what’s going on around us. Yet many of us are. The Wingman shares a story of a man’s failed attempt to wake someone up to...

Wingman Wisdom for August 22, 2022


“All animals deceive. The more complex the animal, the more deception” says RV Guru Kevin Frazer in this very frank conversation with the Wingman; they discuss “HOW” do people get the best deal when buying and when selling...