Camper Classes- About/FAQ

Note: Classes Put on Hold During Pandemic

What are Camper Classes?

Camper Classes are held once-a-month at a growing number of select, reputable RV Dealers that focus on educating the consumer; not selling them. The one-hour classes are free to attend and are held on the second Saturday of every month starting at 9 am. The fun and information-filled classes are fun to attend and are for anyone who wants to learn about RVs and the RV lifestyle. From non-RV owners, to first time buyers, newbies, even experienced RVers will learn things at Camper Class that will help save time, money and frustration; ultimately making for smarter RV owners. Smarter consumers make better buying decisions and are likely to remain RVing enthusiasts for life.

Why were Camper Classes created?

Today’s RVs have never been nicer, have never had as many amenities and options and have never been more inviting. But with so many options, so many gadgets and moving parts, RVs require owners to be more responsible for proper maintenance than ever before. Knowing how systems work in an RV, what to do, when to do it, how to do it and “why” is critical to being a Happy Camper. Anyone who wants to know about today’s RVs and the RV lifestyle will benefit from attending Camper Class.

What will I learn at Camper Class?

Camper Classes are primarily focused on the soon-to-be RV buyer and those with only basic knowledge of how RVs operate. From learning how to decide which RV is the best fit for you, to learning how mechanical and electrical systems operate including LP gas and electric, knowing how much you can tow, to on-the-road safety tips, to required and suggested maintenance and How-To topics, each Camper Class will cover multiple subjects and will include a Q&A portion. Remember, there are no stupid questions and that the objective of Camper Class is to make you a smarter, better informed RV buyer/owner and Happy Camper.  of the monthly Camper Classes vary but each class will teach you everything for any type of RVer; from basic to advanced. Camper Classes are also fun to attend.

Who can attend Camper Class?

Anyone with an interest in RVs and the RV lifestyle is invited to attend; no matter if you own an RV or not and not matter who you bought your RV from? Remember, Camper Class is about educating you and not selling you.

What is the connection between Dealers that hold Camper Classes and The RV Show USA?

The RV Show USA works with RV Dealers who are committed to improving relationships with Consumers. Participating Dealers realize that the overall health of the RV Industry can be improved by building better relationships with area RV owners. Too many RV owners today are disillusioned by an overall attitude of “Sell ‘em and forget ‘em”. And when a problem arises, too many Dealers are simply unresponsive to owner’s needs to a speedy repair. In order for the RV Industry to continue to grow and serve the need/desire of more Americans who want to have a positive experience with RVing, it is imperative to get back to basics of customer service, education and follow through after-the-sale with excellent post-sale service. The RV Show USA only works with Dealers who are committed to building long-term relationships with their customers; not Dealers with a “one and done” attitude.

Where is Camper Class held and how do I register?

Camper Classes are held at a growing number of Dealer locations across the country and Registration is easy. For Dealer locations and to Register (click here). Upon registering, you will receive an auto-email confirmation and the Dealer will be notified where you will be attending.

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