AuthorKaty Rascoe

The RV Show USA for January 7, 2022

Do You Have A Lemon RV!!!!

Lemon RVs may be few and far between but according to many, there are more lemon RVs being made today than ever before. Here’s some excellent advice for ALL RV owners (just in case you do have a problem with your Dealer or Manufacturer). The...

The RV Show USA for December 24, 2021

A Pre-RV Show Strategy To Buying The Right RV?

What if you could save thousands of dollars and prevent making a huge purchase mistake in just 10 minutes? Here’s a little “Pre-RV Show strategy and thoughts” with Flagstaff/Rockwood’s Zach Rininger as the 2022 RV “Show Season” is almost here.

The RV Show USA for December 17, 2021

Why Do RVers Not Listen?

Flagstaff/Rockwood team member Zach Rininger has always had these words of advice for RVers. Why do so many refuse to listen until they learn “it’s too late”?

The RV Show USA for December 12, 2021

Are RV Manufacturers Burning Their Owners?

With Manufacturers making record profits, some are cutting corners that are NOT GOOD for their buyers. What’s an easy corner for them to cut; where the buyer won’t discover it right away? And who do you believe should be the most responsible for the...

The RV Show USA for December 10, 2021

Shut Up And Deal With It!

When you see someone doing something that’s “not cool”, do you say something or stay quiet? The Wingman responds to some recent comments that suggest we all just “accept” those who disrupt others. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Say...

The RV Show USA for December 5, 2021

Winterizing And Trapped Moisture In Your RV!

What does Winterizing an RV actually mean? And what about moisture that gets trapped in your RV when it’s stored over the winter? Zach Rininger with Flagstaff/Rockwood shares his thoughts and opinions on the subject. What do you think?

The RV Show USA for December 3, 2021

Are People That Clueless Or Do They Just Not Care?

The Wingman shares a story of a recent experience at an upscale restaurant and draws a parallel with Clueless Campers. He also says that “sometimes the problem is the same as the solution; and it’s found when looking in a mirror”. Let us know your...

The RV Show USA for November 28, 2021

Another “Subtle” RV Commercial? Please!

What happens when the best in the business (in any category) talks about themselves? The nay-sayers come out of the woodwork to criticize them. But what if they are telling the truth? In this short segment, RV Industry insider Zach Rininger gives...

The RV Show USA for November 26, 2021

Blame Work Campers For Higher Prices?

Are Work Campers partly to blame for higher campground fees? Here’s the Wingman’s take on the subject as he provides his perspective on Work Campers and how they’ve changed over the years. Are Work Campers too greedy? Are Campgrounds too stingy? Are...

The RV Show USA for November 20, 2021

RV Odd Couple- Bitten Off Too Much?

In 3 years, John and Mercedes (aka: RV Odd Couple) have built a social media network and EMPIRE of rabid viewers and fans across the nation. With millions of YouTube views and an unstoppable desire to help people, the RV Odd Couple is now building a...