AuthorKaty Rascoe

Wingman Visits Colorado Ghost Town!

What an interesting morning driving up to almost 10,000 feet elevation to visit St. Elmo; an old mining town that today is inhabited by 5 people. That’s what I heard.. 5. Super cool (literally) and awe-inspiring for those who have a fondness...

Let’s Go! Join Us On Our Morning Stroll!

At the insistence of my wife instructing me to pull out my camera…. here’s a quick peek at where we spent the morning. It’s “Colorado” but feels like heaven! Cool, clean and unbeatable natural beauty. Just wanted...

The RV Show USA for June 7, 2022

It SUCKS To Lose On This Technicality! Unbelievable!

What kind of trickery can be used in order to influence a Judge to deny and RVer’s warranty claim and throw their lawsuit out? This one even surprised Ron Burdge, the RV lemon lawyer. Want to see more? Just hit the subscribe button and like...

The RV Show USA for June 6, 2022

Watch This Before Selling Your RV!

Selling your RV now may be a huge mistake. Before putting it on the market, listen to some thoughts and suggestions from the RV Wingman.

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