AuthorKaty Rascoe

The RV Show USA for September 26, 2020

RV Manufacturers Playing Whack-A-Mole!

In the year of Covid-19, RV manufacturers have been both blessed and cursed. A tsunami of interest in RVing from newbies and soaring sales are coupled with very real shortages of some parts which has manifested itself to dealers and consumers with...

The RV Show USA for September 25, 2020

RVer Says “It’s Not My Fault!

Take a quick tour of most any social media group of RVers and it won’t take long to come across an angry RVer who blames problems with their RV on the dealer or manufacturer. And rarely (if ever) do we read posts from those that say their RV issue...

The RV Show USA for September 21, 2020

What Is Road-Schooling Kids Really All About?

More families than ever are hitting the road as full time RVers. Many of those families have chosen to home school their kids. But what kind of an education do these home schooled (also called “road-schooled”) kids really get? The RV Wingman visits...

The RV Show USA for September 18, 2020

RVers Flirting With Disaster And More!

With all the newbie RVers on the roads today, many are flirting with disaster and they may not even know it. The Wingman gives an example of what he witnessed recently (and it’s not an isolated incident). Plus, why was an RVer recently thrown in...