AuthorKaty Rascoe

The RV Show USA for April 10, 2021

Watch Out For THIS When Buying An RV!

Ever wonder how sleazy RV Dealers continue to stay in business? How they continue to roll their and bury their customers? “George” is an ex-automotive Sales manager who says that the tactics he learned 25 years ago are being used on RV buyers today...

The RV Show USA for April 5, 2021


My oh my! Technology has certainly changed the way we shop for RVs. But is this a good thing or a bad thing for RV buyers? The RV Wingman visits about today’s RV shopping habits with his friend, Industry insider Anthony Yoder and as always, closes...

The RV Show USA for April 3, 2021

Four Months Of Living Hell!

What would you do if your brand-new RV gave you 3 floods in the first couple of weeks? According to the Wingman’s Call of the Week, that’s exactly what happened to a woman in Washington state. The result? 4+ months of shear Hell! And it’s not over...

The RV Show USA for March 27, 2021

Most RVer’s Don’t Have A Clue! Do you?

It’s hard for someone to admit they are clueless but for most newbie RVers (and many seasoned RVers as well) being clueless about your RV’s roof is common. All roofs do the same thing but that does not mean they are the same. Underneath the exterior...