Bio / History

Alan Warren is known as The RV Wingman. A native Texan who loves the
RV lifestyle, Alan has nearly 4 decades of experience in the Radio and TV
Industry including creating, writing, producing, hosting and syndicating
nearly 2,000 episodes of Radio and TV Shows and countless
commercials. A consummate Entrepreneur, Alan created and pioneered
the Fishing Texas TV Show in 1983 and Hosted/Produced the first ever
Outdoors TV Show underwritten by an automotive manufacturer with
the popular “Chevy Sportsman” TV Show.

As Host of The RV Show USA and Admin of many of the Nation’s largest
Facebook Group Pages of RV Enthusiasts, Alan combines his natural
affinity towards adventure, the great outdoors, his gift for public
speaking and his love of RVing with the country’s biggest RV Lifestyle

Alan has worked with and represented some of the largest and most
recognized companies in the world dating back to the early 1980’s
including: CARQUEST Auto Parts, Champion Spark Plugs, Chevrolet,
Federal Mogul Corporation, Valero, La Quinta, Kiwanis Clubs, Rotary
Clubs, Make A Wish Foundation, O’Reilly Auto Parts Stores, Valvoline,
Pennzoil, Nissan USA and Whataburger just to name a few.

Ask those he works with about his strongest attribute and you’ll find out
that it’s GRIT. Alan never gives up. Never. And when it comes to
marketing, creativity, positioning and messaging Alan Warren helps take
companies to a new level of success with his experience, passion and
ability to see opportunities that most others miss. To put it simply, The
RV Wingman connects with people in a powerful way.

“Our goal is simple”, says Warren. “We want to spread the message of
joy, excitement and adventure (and the occasional bump-in-the road)
that comes from RVing. And we do that with a unique blend of
entertainment, education and honesty. More and more people each day
are realizing the tremendous benefits to health and family that RVing
provides. Add in making wonderful life-long memories with those we
love and THAT’s what The RV Show USA is all about.”

Warren is unafraid to call out Manufacturers, Dealers and Consumers
and will always leave you with something to think about that will
help make your RVing ownership experience more enjoyable.

If you have a lemon RV, if you know someone who has a lemon RV
or if you believe an RV Dealer has taken advantage of you, the
Wingman may be able to help. Click here to learn more. You may
also leave a message on our 24 hour Voicemail at 1-330-Wingman
(1-330-946-4629). We do listen to every message but are unable to
personally respond to all of them.

In addition to The RV Show USA, Warren has the largest
known library of classic fishing, hunting and outdoor films in
existence. An avid conservationist, Warren is the Executive Producer
of the Outdoor TV Classics Project and Heroes and Legends of the
Great Outdoors
. The Outdoor TV Classics project is a labor-of-love
for Warren with the goal of preserving (digitizing & color-correcting)
more than 1,000 classic fishing and hunting films dating back to the
1930’s. Notable personalities include Walt Disney, Ted Williams,
Lorne Green, Fred Bear, Arthur Godfrey, Lee Majors and hundreds of