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What can be more stressful than buying a car or getting service work performed on a car? Buying or Servicing an RV! Because it’s the combination of a “home” and a “truck.” There are MANY moving parts and many things to learn, and this process can be extremely intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be.

Can the RV buying and servicing experience actually be fun? Absolutely! When you have a personal friend at a dealership, one that truly cares about your experience, the buying and service process can be enjoyable and exciting.

When members of The RV Show USA community do business with our Sponsors or walk into one of our Certified Local Providers, they can have the confidence that they have found someone who will treat them as a trusted friend; someone that wants to create a customer for life. We call this The RV Show USA VIP Experience.

The RV Show Certified Local Provider Network

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Houston New RVs

Steve Smith Steve.Smith@DeMontrond.com 
General Sales Manager
DeMontrond RV

RV Consignment Sales

Diana LeBlanc Diana.L@pplmotorhomes.com 
General Manager
PPL Motor Homes

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